September Closing and…Pantyhose?

Summertime.  A great time of year, if you’re into warm weather, flip flops, and that sort of thing.  Tbh, I’m not anymore.  There was a time I used to love being out in it, but anymore, it’s just taxing.  Part of getting older, I guess.

And then you flip on the television.  July, August…days go by, weeks go by, and you see even the newswomen on TV, and no pantyhose.  Oh, occasionally there are the hosed legs of someone like Kimberly Guilfoyle or Melisa Francis.  But the majority of the time, the women are barelegging it, and from the looks of it, most of them enjoy that.  If they’re attractive enough to be a famous newswoman on TV, usually their legs are still pretty good, though not always.  And even classy, lovely women like Deborah Norville or Martha Maccallum…you look and you notice there are fewer leg shots – almost definitely because they are not wearing pantyhose, so the producers have let them bare leg it, and just do away with the leg shots.  Ok, fine.

I can deal with all of this in the late spring and summer – I don’t begrudge women for not wearing hose in these conditions.  I’m sure there is something really free and liberating about barelegging it.  I don’t expect to look on someone’s porch swing in July, and see a woman in pantyhose, after all.

But as we get into September and the weather starts changing, I start to keep a lookout.  It’d cooler in those mornings, and I start expecting women to don a little hosiery and show some class.  Nothing wrong with that.  And then…

Just the other day I flipped on the morning TV.  And I saw multiple women in hose – even one woman who I’ve rarely seen wear hose at all.  One of the women I noticed wearing was Martha Maccallum, a lovely, classy lady.  Some mornings this week in hose, and others not.  But her legs do look good, regardless.

One thing really good about living in the mainland US is the changing of the seasons – it’s something I’ve always absolutely loved.  And now, we’re getting into it – autumn, my favorite time of year.  The leaves start turning, the crops change, ready to harvested, the mornings and nights just a little more brisk.  And there is something really humbling about that, and it gets you back to nature.

But then, when the weather gets like this, I start expecting to see more women in hosiery.  It just seems and looks right.  It’s the way I grew up, I loved it then, and I will always love it.  Women dressing like women, ladies looking and dressing like ladies, and even enjoying dressing that way.  I like to see a hosed woman when she’s laughing or attracted about something, and she kind of wiggles her feet, and angles her instep up…ahhh, it’s a beautiful thing.  There are still some women who really seem to enjoy looking like a lady, and dressing like one.  And for that I am thankful.

Have a lovely and blessed fall season, everyone.  Enjoy all of the sights, sounds, and smells of it.  And take time to show your friends and family how much you love them.  God bless.







Heading Into Autumn – And a New Birth For Pantyhose

It is September 2, and the temp got down to 59 deg this morning.  There have been a few mornings like that recently.  Not that cold, really.  And yet, when I’ve stepped out onto the porch, I have felt the slight chill – even with pants on.  Then I think about when the temps get much colder.  How these working women go off for the day without wearing pantyhose is beyond me.

But a new season is dawning, and a new day is dawning.  Pantyhose have already made somewhat of a comeback (Thank you, Kate Middleton).  I believe we are going to see even more of it in the coming weeks, months, and yes, even years.  It may not take form so much in the classic tan hose we all grew up seeing.  But it is going to happen, nevertheless.

It’s about women getting back in touch with their femininity.  I believe it’s going to happen.  I can’t really explain why, but I believe it will.  Things shifted too far in one paradigm.  I believe we will tip back toward more of a balance.  I hope and pray that we do, and I do believe it will happen.

It may take a couple of weeks, at least, before the fall season hose start appearing, but they are going to.  For now…enjoy the coming beautiful autumn season – and enjoy the pantyhose, wherever you find them.  ; )5fb700db5d8a8fb8232cdc38e6da18e6



Dirty Dancing and Big Business

I was perusing thru DVD’s recently and came across a couple of nice sites.  First was the movie “Big Business”, it had Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin both on the cover.  And they were BOTH in suntan pantyhose. Granted, the movie was dated 1988. And it’s debatable how attractive either of these women have really ever been.  Still, it was nice to see.

The other movie I saw was “Dirty Dancing”, which was out apx. the same time.  The cover featured Patrick Swayze dipping Jennifer Grey – and Jennifer Grey was in tannish hose.  Not only that, but they were strappy sandal type shoes, AND if you look closely, they are reinforced toes.  I had to chuckle.  This would never happen today, it would be viewed as an abomination by the harpie fashionista bloggers everywhere.  I wonder if we’ll ever get back to a pantyhosed time at all with the movie stars, much less seeing them in reinforced toe hose like that, in sandal shoes.  We may get the hose, but it won’t be suntan, and sure as hell not in strappy shoes, either.  But I’ll take whatever I can get.

Deborah Norville


If you looked up “classy” or “Southern belle” in the dictionary, it’s likely you’d find a pic of native Georgian, Deborah Norville.  There are many things I like about her.  Let’s see…Beautiful, blonde…she seems like a friendly person and a good journalist…oh, and one of the biggies – she’s not averse to pantyhose.  A big plus right there.

She’s carved out quite a career, and still hosts “Inside Edition”, which is basically a sort of entertainment news kind of show.  Her personality suits her perfectly for it, and to be honest, she probably makes the show better than it deserves to be.  It’s sensationalistic, and one of those present day shows that like to make much ado about nothing.  However, I tune in because of her.

For all of the reasons I stated above, I watch it because of her.  I don’t know how much leeway these television hosts get in deciding what they actually wear.  But Deborah Norville always looks nice and classy.  She wears pantyhose a lot.  Not all of the time, and her outfits aren’t even a smash 100% of the time.  But she has DECORUM, and the fact that she usually does wear pantyhose shows me that she is a P-R-O-fessional.  In general, she just always looks nice.  She understands what it is to look like a lady – she gets it.  And that is not lost on me.  She’s not averse to wearing nylons with strappy sandaled shoes, either – she appears to make her own rules for that.  I’ve seen her do that more than once.  I hope other women (especially the younger ones) notice, because she really does know how to carry herself. As opposed to many other young women, who dress like they’re ready to plop down with a glass of lemonade on their front porch swing.  They would appear on TV in flip flops if they could get away with it – let alone actually wear pantyhose.

Women like her appear to be a dying breed, and I have this gnawing fear that we are seeing the last of them.  She might be one of the last bastions of pantyhose wearing women – I truly hope I am wrong.  This is why I will keep fighting the good fight, and keep promoting the look of pantyhose whenever and however, I can 🙂

Thank you, Deborah!

It’s Not As Bad As You Think


“Night Court”, “Cheers”, “Designing Women”, “Three’s Company”, “Family Ties” – my childhood memory is filled with shows like these, where women marched around in pantyhose.  A lot.  And I’m not just imagining it, they really did.  It happened on “Night Court” – there was Christine Sullivan, the attorney, and then the nightly slew of hookers – and “Cheers” quite often.  The sharp looking women would go into “Cheers”, and damned if they weren’t in pantyhose quite a bit.  You remember that, and subconsciously, you just expect it.  You think you deserve it.

And on one level, that’s fine.  Hey, we DO deserve it.  Seeing an attractive woman in hose is a gift from the heavens that we all do deserve.  But on another level, it’s also unrealistic.  Think about all the photos of Princess Diana.  A beautiful, classy woman.  And granted, there are plenty of nice photos of her in nylons.  But if you think about it, there are also plenty of her in bare legs…it’s just what women do in the late spring and summer, and you know what, that’s natural.  It’s great there are all those photos of Lady Di and Kate Middleton in nylons, but it’s not as if they go around that way 100% of the time.  No woman does.

Just a thought that’s been on my mind lately and I wanted to get it down….have a good one 🙂

Why Women Don’t Wear Hose As Often Now


Sigh.  Ok.  This isn’t really gonna be a pleasant one to read, but I feel like it needs to be laid out and discussed, anyway.  Once this is done, I’ll be glad to focus on a more light-hearted look at women in pantyhose.

  1. Tanning beds – These artificial means of tanning have been around since the late 80’s, I believe.  At first, it didn’t affect the # of women wearing hose too much.  But over time, the beds and salons have become more common.  For a long time, one reason women wore hose was for the look of shiny tan.  And so they would buy and wear those suntan pantyhose.  Tanning beds have helped take away that need.  In fact, you can almost bet that women that frequent these places can’t stand pantyhose, or make fun of it.  The vast majority, anyway.  Just remember, ladies – orange legs look artificial, and stupid.  So does leathery skin.  Not to mention, the sheer risk of skin cancer from exposing yourself repeatedly to strong amounts of these UV rays.  Tanning beds kind of go hand in hand with…

2. Spray tans and self tanners – I’m not a woman, and I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about these.  I do know that the spray tans are part of what a tanning salon provides.  They look artificial to me, and orange.  Not to mention, I understand they can be messy.  They can rub off, and leak…all over clothing and other things.  It’s obvious to me (and most everyone else) when women are using these spray tans – they’re just extremely orange and artificial looking.  I don’t know a lot about self tanners, either, other than the fact that women are out there using them.  These I can understand more – they at least don’t leave that artificial look.  I’ve seen plenty of fair skinned women who inexplicably seem to have a little bit of tan on their legs due to these self-tanners.  So bully for them.  I guess.  Provided these things are safe and not harmful in any way.  But #1 and #2 are why women don’t wear suntan or even nude hose nearly as often these days.  They can achieve this look through other means.  And this leads to #3.

3. Fashion bloggers panning nylons – This happens way too often.  Just about the time hose get a little bit of media, or a little trendy, some so-called fashion guru or know-it-all blogger will have to pen some column about how awful hose are, or the “What was she thinking?” columns where they spotlight some actress or musician and make fun of her clothing.  Do a pantyhose google search sometime on famous women.  Half of the photos you even find are connected to some blog where some bitch has to make fun of a woman for wearing pantyhose.  Tremendously catty.  And a lot of times uncalled for.  I especially hate it when it is nude or tan hose, because those don’t get seen often enough anymore.  And you know what?  Regardless of what a woman’s legs look like, she should never feel ashamed for putting on a pair of nylons.  It’s feminine attire, and women should never be ashamed of being feminine.  This leads me to #4.  But we are raising these 18 yr old girls nowadays to think they are some kind of grandma or slut if they wear stockings.  And that’s sad.  Even pathetic, in my opinion.

4. Masculinizing Women in Western Society – I don’t want to get too heavy or political here.  But c’mon, if you haven’t noticed, this has been going on in the U.S.A. for the last 25 yrs or so.  Women are empowered thru the media.  Every ad, and even most TV shows are constantly showing them in a confident, ass-kicking, positive light.  Men are the ones shown to be buffoons.  We sure don’t celebrate men being men in America, and we don’t celebrate women being in their feminine, either.  No, no.  Everything has to be gender neutralized nowadays.  Cuz equality.  This really sucks, and I say, to hell with it.  The polarity of sexes is important, and it matters.  I believe it will always matter, at least to a degree.  So yes, ladies, show off your legs.  But by all means, they have to be in shiny porcelain Amazon goddess form, or wax figure form.  Certainly not in any nylon pantyhose form.  This is according to the media, anyway.  Leading to #5.

5. Women have earning power – Over the yrs, part of the whole deal in the U.S., always was that men were the breadwinners.  And women stayed home and raised the kids.  Of course, this has all gradually changed over the yrs.  Women have gained a lot of personal power, and for the most part, this is a good thing.  However, they not only are masculinized in their jobs now, but they don’t feel the need as strong to be wearing no pantyhose to lure no man, no sirree.  The narrative is that they don’t need one, and they surely don’t want to look weak in their desire to obtain one. (shrugs)  Again, I don’t mean to get too heavy here, but I’m just putting it out there.  Things are how they are.

6. Unawareness of advances in hosiery – Many women out there don’t necessarily have disdain for hosiery, they are just kind of indifferent about it.  They’ve worn it off and on thru the yrs, and they can remember it being cheap, itchy, easy to run, etc.  They never really liked pantyhose, so they don’t seek it out.  They’re not really aware of some of the advances made, such as lycra spandex…and some of the companies that really do a good job of manufacturing and selling hose.  And yes, some of them are foreign.

The good news?  There’s still hope.

Women still wear nylons fairly often in Europe, and to an extent, in Canada.  The Middleton sisters in Great Britain have been a boon to pantyhose, and helped revive them being worn.  I was so pleased to discover Kate and Pippa Middleton wearing pantyhose, I can’t tell you how much.  Kate has great style, knows how to dress whether she’s wearing hose or not, and look fabulous.  And not just any hose, but she will wear plenty of nude and tan hose, too – something I hope gets revived in America, at least somewhat.  She is a fashion icon that women who still have the desire to dress like a lady can emulate.  With the recent birth of her daughter, we haven’t seen many photos or headlines about her, lately.  I look forward to seeing more pics and news about her – she’s beautiful, and knows how to dress with class the way her mother-in-law Lady Diana did.

Of course, we still do see pantyhose in America.  It’s just that women are usually wearing the off black or sheer black varieties.  Or opaques, too.  We’re heading into Halloween, and the winter holidays, so I’m looking forward to seeing more women in pantyhose over the next few months. 🙂

One Man’s Appreciation (Some Would Say Obsession) With Ladies Who Wear Pantyhose

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  No, my real name isn’t Crash Davis, this is just a pseudonym.  I may let you in on who I am as time goes by.  For now, this works.  If you don’t know who Crash Davis was, he was a character in the movie “Bull Durham”.  It’s one of the best movies of all time, and definitely the best baseball movie I’ve ever seen.  I’m a huge baseball fan, but that’s not what this blog is about.

Pantyhose.  Just the word conjures up images of sexiness for me.  I start having visions of women wearing them.  Young women, milfs, older women, ladies, divas, sluts, you name it.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have my eyes open and on the lookout for a woman who just might be wearing pantyhose.  And not just pantyhose, but stockings and even knee highs, too.  They are sheer apparel that can enhance a female’s physical attractiveness exponentially.

It’s a “thing” for me – it always has been, and it always will be.  I reckon it’s innate – I was just born with this sort of fetish, or hangup.  I can remember first noticing it when I was in 4th grade – my teacher wouldn’t wear dresses that often, but she would wear slacks with these knee high pantyhose.  And man, was I obsessed with looking at her feet.  That’s when it started.  I was raised a church going kid, and as I got older, I noticed when any females would wear them to a service.  And let me tell you, that was a treat.  I can tell you this – there’s nothing like sitting thru a church service, knowing you’re supposed to be behaving.  And yet being distracted – mesmerized – by the young lady wearing tan pantyhose in the next pew.  My growing up years were in the 80’s, and I can’t tell you how often I lived this, ha ha.

We’re talking about the 80’s here, and even in HS, girls would wear pantyhose sometimes.  Not a lot, but it would happen.  There were occasions for picture day, or things like that.  And if they weren’t full out in a dress and hose, they would wear knee highs in slacks and flats.  Or even wearing jeans.  Sigh.  Those were the days, indeed.  Every time they did it, I would notice.  Heck, I can even remember the day I graduated from HS.  It was late May, hot and humid – temps in the 90’s.  And I’m telling you, the majority of girls in my class wore a tan sort of pantyhose to graduation.  It was phantastic.

And now, these days, things are a little different.  Women don’t wear them as often.  And it really, really sucks.  This is kind of a complex issue, and I believe there are several reasons for it – it’s something to maybe address in another post.  I don’t want the tone of this blog to be negative, though, with me just constantly bitching about lack of pantyhose (although I’m sure I’ll do that, from time to time).  No, that would be a downer, and nobody likes to be around negative energy all the time.

Women in nylons are like a gift from the heavens.  If you managed to find this space, chances are, you enjoy them, too.  Or, you at least, “get it” enough to understand where I’m coming from.  You’ve probably found my Pinterest page, too.  And if you haven’t, I urge you to check it out.  Life is short, none of us know how long we’re gonna be here, and this is something I appreciate as my hobby.  So welcome, I want the vibe around my little place on the Net to be as enjoyable as possible. 🙂